Sunday, 8 June 2014

So...? Freshtival Festival Survival Kit Review

I mentioned in my previous post with So...? that i absolutely loved their So...? Kiss Me body spray. Luckily for me, they sent me one along with So...? Sinful and their new dry shampoos: So...? Lovely and So...? Va Va Volume, within their brand me Freshtival Kit! 
Festivals are coming right around the corner but unfortunately I will not be going to any this year. However, this kit will still come in handy.
We all know that festivals are sweaty and smelly. With this travel sized kit you can 'wash' your hair and body until you find a nice proper shower. I've tried both dry shampooes and i must say that Va Va Volume does indeed create great volume but Lovely just smells lovelier.
The two mini body sprays again smell unique. Whilst So...? Kiss Me is more of a day time sweet floral scent, So...? Sinful is a sultry contrast and is quite heavy and daring- perfect for the night time.

Being targeted at festival goers, I believe this kit is really for anyone this summer. The kit is perfect for travelling and going on holiday as well as going to the gym to hide your sweaty gym hair. :)

Have you grabbed this kit yet? For £4.99 this kit may be your saviour this summer.


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  1. I think this kit is perfect, small enough to keep the essentials during festivals or gyms. I definitely would love to try this x

  2. Nice! It looks great can't wait to try it! Where did you get it from? :) x


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