Thursday, 12 June 2014

Five Places I'd Love To Visit

Not having been to many places, travelling is big on my bucket list! I'd love to buy a round the world ticket and visit every single country and experience all their culture and food.
Of course I have many more places I'd love to visit but here are a few:

1) The Grear Barrier Reef. This seems like such a beautiful, colourful place. Imagine going snorkelling and seeing all the fish and laying on the white sandy beaches. Everything just seems so tranquil and care free. The island itself looks so beautiful as it is isolated from the rest of the world. It just seems like a perfect getaway!

2)Kenya. I would love to visit Kenya purely to go on a safari. I would love to see the animals up close and personal and not through bars of a cage in a zoo. It would be so incredible to see them in vast open fields, where they belong, and all the while see the beautiful landscape. Also, the culture in many of Kenya's tribes such as the Masai tribe really intrigues me. I would love to go see where they live and how they live.

3) Hawaii. For me the picture itself explains why I would love to visit Hawaii. The clear blue skies and the clear blue oceans look perfect along with the sandy white beaches. The fact the Hawaii is a volcano is also stunning as I have always wanted to visit a volcano and climb up one (not too sure if you can do that there though.) The lifestyle in Hawaii also seems completely different to here in London. The pace of life seems much slower than here which gives me the impression of carefree serenity.

4) This one is pretty obvious and its most definitely California. I have never left continental Europe and I'd love LA to be my first excursion off of the continent. LA, to me, seems like an American version of London, apart from the amazing weather, hills and food ofcourse. I guess the culture is quite similar and so is the way of life. I would love to go down to an LA beach and shop around. It just seems amazing and I would love to see what I see on TV through my own eyes.

5)Greece. I am Greek Cypriot therefore I come from Southern Cyprus. Many of my ancestors came from Greece and I would love to see my origins. I would love to see the blue and white houses and experience Greek culture in another country other than Cyprus. I would love to see the beautiful beaches and the lush landscapes. I would also love to have some more Greek food.


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  1. I want to travel too! I haven't been to a whole lot of places but hopefully that'll change soon. I have been to Hawaii and it's pretty but since I'm not a huge fan of tropical places, I don't know if I'd choose to go again unless I got a free trip haha.

    LA is okay to visit if you've never been- if you do go, I'd recommend Disneyland, Hollywood, and Burbank. I'd also strongly suggest visiting San Francisco...


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