Sunday, 11 May 2014

Staying Healthy: Snack Preperation

A big key to staying healthy is eating healthy and I find that at college there is way too much bad food temptation. I am talking about: chocolate, crisps, doughnuts and cookies. I found that the most sufficient way for sorting out this problem is to prepare my snacks the night before. Whether it is just putting an apple and a banana in my bag or actually chopping up different fruits, I know that it is way healthier than what comes out of the sweet shop or vending machine.
The key is to find the snacks that you prefer. For example, i prefer snacking on the fruits above(kiwi, strawberries and bananas) then other fruits, like grapes. Even if its a nutritional bar it is still a healthy snack. Remember, it is important to include most of your five a day in your snacks. 
I prefer snack preparation as not only does it mean you are eating healthier but it means you are saving money, time and increasing your brain power.
Preparing your healthy snacks also means you will have more energy throughout the day and preform better. I find that I do much more better in college work when I am healthily fed and hydrated, which is very important especially that exams are literally five minutes down the street.

I now have created a new instagram for fitness and health: @healthy_georgia


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  1. wow!! I am so impressed with your blog, it looks so professional:) great post by the way, it's strange how schools are the place where we get taught healthy eating when they only serve junk food:/

  2. Yum. I'm hungry now, especially for fruit. It looks so inviting! :)

  3. Your super talented gorgeous!
    & I totally agree with everything you said in this blog post hun
    I never was into kiwi but recently I've been eating them a lot, and I'm loving them.

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