Thursday, 3 April 2014

Blog 2nd Birthday!! Update and MAC giveaway!

It's my second blogger birthday! I can't believe we're two years old already! Although, my blog has not been called georgiaanicolaou since the beginning I think it has really grown since out last birthday!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me including: companies, pr and most importantly my readers!! You have made my blog what it is! 
I remember starting this blog and writing a few posts and literally no one read them, then all of a sudden I had 6 followers and now two years later I have over 300!!

Thank you so much! Here's to another year :)

I do apologise for the lack of posts as I've moved house this week and my internet has not been installed yet! I'm currently typing this on my phone and thus apologise for all the typos!

I also plan on doing a mac giveaway soon... So stay tuned! 

Thank you!! :) 


Make sure to follow me on bloglovin as GFC is unpredictable :( Also, follow my twitter and tumblr for updates.



  1. Happy blog birthday!!

  2. Happy Blog birthday :o) Xx

  3. Happy late Blog Birthday hun :)
    I can see that you will go far in life :D

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