Saturday, 22 March 2014

'how did you loose all that weight?'

so, i thought id take a break from revision and this coursework essay i am currently writing and write this post.

So many people, every day, come up to me/email me and ask me: 'wow, you have lost so much weight- how did you do it?' I was very sceptical to do this post but so many people have asked for it so here it is.

The picture on the left was taken in September 2013 and the picture on the right was taken in December 2013.

Why I decided to loose the weight?
 Aside from personal reasons i realised what I was putting into my body and I thought: i need to stop. I was eating chocolate, crisps, takeaways and drinking a bunch of fizzy drinks, it was not good for my health.

How I did it:
I started going to the gym 3-4 times a week and solely focused on cardio. This involved: interval running for 10 minutes and using the cross trainer for 20 minutes. Baring in mind, i was very unfit so this was hard for me and I felt exhausted after a workout. I also immediately cut out chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks.
I began to eat very healthily and before I knew it I lost 7lbs and then 1st. 
Once I started seeing changes in my body working out became an addiction and I vowed to change my body forever. I calorie counted and restricted the amount of food i ate. Then, however, my weight flat lined: I wasn't gaining weight but nor was i loosing any. At this point, I became very frustrated. 

I began to see that being skinny was not important as its about being fit and healthy, therefore I ate three meals a day and kept to healthy snacks and i lost another 7lbs. 
I still don't eat badly, however, i did have a big mac the other day(which is considered as a cheat meal.) Once I started working out and checking on what I ate, I realised what really went into my body and what was making me feel sluggish and tired all the time.
I haven't touched a fizzy drink since August and never plan to as they make me nauseous.  I occasionally have a chocolate bar now but I would never stuff my face with them ever again as I now know what they do to my body. The key for me is to have everything in moderation- that includes cheat meals. I work out regularly as being fit really makes you feel good and that after workout feeling is just perf.

So yeah, that is how i did it. I still want to lose a lot more weight but I want to do it slowly so I can train my  body to stay like that, therefore it becomes an even better lifestyle for me. Baring in mind, this is not a crazy diet plan so it will probably work for anyone.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February Wrap Up!

I finally have my hands on a laptop! Whilst not having a laptop, i thought that there is no point in doing Sunday posts anymore as I simply were not enjoying writing them. 
Alas, well actually just now, I came up with monthly wrap ups. No these are not going to be favourite posts but sort of a summary. I kind of stole the name from booktube as you wrap up the books you have read that month, but with me its going to be life. 



This month was spent in my aunt's and uncle's house as my house is still not ready! However, it will be ready in two very short weeks
I also received my first ever pay check yet i still seem to hate work more than ever! 


WOW! I posted a LOT in February! 

What were you up to in February?


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