Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014: How Did My 2014 NY Resolutions Go?

image by me

Hey guys! Happy New Years Eve! Im currently typing this up on the 30th as I am too busy shopping/ getting ready/ am out on New Years Eve. Technically, it is already New Years eve as it is 11.59. 
This year, for me, could have gone better but also could have gone worse. Like I said in my: 'Happy New Year 2014' post, 2014 was definitely a year of change and gaining experience in things and learning more about myself. 
If you want to go and look at that post- you can click here. 
I did write, in that post, a few less personal resolutions, that I really hope to achieve, again you can click to see those resolutions (or scroll down.)

1) Continue on in my weightloss. This means not to go back to old eating habits and maintain working out 3/4 times a week, to result into finally getting my goal body.

2)Expand my blog and YouTube. I want to become much more confident in my blog and making videos. I want my blog to become more myself. I know 2013 was finally coming out of my blogging shell so I hope 2014 will be expanding my blogging/vlogging oppurtunities.

3) Save enough money to buy and MacBook Pro and a Canon Camera. So I roughly have to save around £1600! This may or may not happen, depending if i...

4) Get a Job. I want to get a job so I can make my own money and buy things I want to buy.

5) Ace all of my AS exams. So this means revising very hard and making sure I understand everything.

6) Keep a memory jar. I totally missed out on doing this last year so I am definitely going to do it this year. Whenever something good happens to me I will write it down and place it in the jar and then at the end of 2014 I will open them all up and see all of the good things that happened to me this year. 

So, have i completed these? 
1) I did at the beginning of they year continue on with my weightloss, I then became very uninspired and have stayed the same weight- something of which i hope to change. (TICK)

2)Expand my blog and youtube. I would definitely tick this. Although my blog hasnt grown considerably in size, I feel comfortable with what I want to post. I also attended my first ever blogger event which was also very fun. (TICK)

3) Save up enough money to buy a Canon and a Macbook. Well, I did save up enough money and did buy my Canon Camera- mentioned in my 'top 14 products of 2014.' What i did not buy is my Macbook. I felt very silly at the feeling of buying a Macbook as it's just so much money. I know the Mac is worth it but I'd rather wait until I go to uni and will actually have a few pennies left over. (TICK)

4) Get a job! Yes, yes I did. Despite spending half of 2013 searching and getting turned down for jobs, I finally got one very awful one and then one good one(c'mon I can't say amazing, after all it is a job.) (TICK)

5) Acing all my AS exams. We will skip this one. 

6)Despite not having many standout, amazing memories this year I did keep a memory jar. I kind of know all the good things anyway as I remember writing each one of them. Sorry. (TICK)

So I achieved 4.5, lets say, out of 5 resolutions. I'm quite happy with that, indeed. I will also definitely be doing a 2015 new years resolution list. Wow, 2015. 

Did you achieve your resolutions this year? Have an amazing New Years guys and dont drink/eat too muchor you'll start the year throwing up.

Thanks for the support this year :)


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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Christmas Tag

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I hope you are enjoying today and not rushing around doing last minute Christmas shopping! I am currently watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I am suprisingly loving it, despite it being my least favourite. 
I do also apologise for not blogging these past couple of weeks as I have just been stressed with work and college work (there is just so much I need to do :() Anyway, I thought i'd do the Christmas tag.

1)What is your favourite Christmas Movie? It has to be The Elf! Will Ferrel was absolutely amazing in it and it always lifts my spirits and put me in a festive mood!

2)Have you ever had a White Christmas? Living in London, you'd think I have. However, I don't remember it ever snowing on Christmas day. I remember one Christmas when it stopped snowing and the snow melted on Christmas Eve. 

3) Where do you usually spend your holiday? Normally, my family go round to my aunts house where the rest of my family go but sometimes we do it round ours. Think about around 15-20 sitting around a Christmas table.

4)What is your favourite Christmas song? The Fairy Tale of New York by The Pogues, definitely hands down! 

5) Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? No, I've never opened presents on Christmas Eve as my family and I open all of them on Christmas morning in our pajamas.

6)  Can you name all of Santa's Reindeers? Okay so: Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen.. no. 

7) What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this Christmas? Generally just being around my whole, entire family. It is quite rare of us being all together so it's nice when we all get around the table and have Christmas dinner and just stay up late talking and stuff.

8) Is your Christmas Tree real or fake? Fake :(

9) What is your all time favourite holiday food/ sweet treat? My favourite holiday food is: well to be honest i cant name one, i like the whole traditional English/ Greek Christmas food like: roast potatoes, kioftetes, roast lamb and we cant forget cake! 

10) Be honest: do you like giving or receiving gifts?  I like a bit of both. I love giving gifts that I know the person loves but I like receiving gifts that I know I would like. 

11) What is the best Christmas gift you've ever received? The best Christmas gift I've ever received would have to be my first proper mobile phone- it was a pink and white Cath Kidson for Nokia phone. That or my Tamagotchi in year four. 

12) What would be your dream place to visit during Christmas time? I would definitely want to visit New York as it seems like such a magical and beautiful place to be during this time of year.

13) Are you a pro- present wrapper or do you fail miserably? I fail miserably every time. 

14) Most memorable holiday moment? This was the first Christmas when I could properly remember the whole day. I think it was about 2010-11. It was just a great day spent with my whole family. 

15) What made you realize the truth about Santa? My eldest brother. 

16) Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Do you stick to them? I do make them, I try as hard as possible to stick to them but it never works.

17) What makes the holidays special for you? Spending time with my family make the holidays special for me. That and getting fat-ter. 

I hope you enjoyed my answers. I tag all of you to do this tag.
I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!


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Monday, 8 December 2014

December TBR 2014

So Blogmas has been going pretty well hasn't it? Yes, I am a failure. Ultimately, I blame college.
Anyhoo, I thought I'd post by December TBR today. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a TBR it just means 'to be read,' so i am going to tell you what I am going to/ hopefully going to be reading.

Ontop of a myriad of books for English, I hope to read:
- The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: believe I spelt her name right without looking at the cover. This book's cover just looks very Christmassy and wintery. It's about a circus that appears overnight and strange things start occuring.

- Game of Thrones by George R R Martin: What can i say? I am absolutely in love with the TV show so hopefully I will be just as in love with the book. I am really looking forward to designating my Christmas break to the book as I really want to delve more into the Fantasy genre.

Moving onto more YA:

Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer: to be honest, I do not know anything about this book but it has been described my namy book tubers as 'absolutely amazing' and 'a must fantasy trilogy.' I have the first and second books in this trilogy so I am excited to get into these. One thing I am not to happy on is the fact that the second book: Arcadia Burns came in hardback and not paperback.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher: I am hopefully going to read this first as I have heard that it is a very quick and easy read and it is also a stand alone. The book is about a girl who is writing letters to an inmate on death row. I believe she is telling the story of herself and these two boys she know and somewhere a murder happens and I believe the perpetrator is left to get away with it.

Well that is what I hope to read in the month of December. I have around 10 books to read ontop of revision.

What are you reading this month?


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Sunday, 16 November 2014

November Book Haul

Hey everybody! I haven't type that little greeting in a long time, woaw. I also haven't posted a book haul in quite a while either. I'm really excited about the Mortal Instruments series as I've heard many a good things about them.They are a dystopian, fantasy series and everyone recommends Cassandra Clare. Also Teardrop has been on my wishlist for a very long time as I love the Fallen series and adore Kate's writing!
To hear a bit more in depth about the books and prices and all that jazz, check out the video :)

Oh and I highly recommend you checking out the as they have absolutely amazing prices.

Have you bought any books this month? If so, what are they?


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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Book Talk #6: The Maze Runner by James Dashner Review

Hey Guys!
So yesterday night I finished The Maze Runner by James Dashner and I absolutely loved it.
I heard a bunch of mixed reviews of this book, most being quite negative, however it was being turned into a movie so i thought if a bunch of other people like it, I might as well try it.
Due to work, school work and general life I was quite slow to jump on the bandwagon. However, once seeing Dylan O'brein on the trailer I had to read it.
I started of a bit bored in the book, I just wanted a bunch of action which wasn't quite in the beginning. I did love the whole concept however of the boys stuck in a maze they can't figure out. I liked the whole dystopian feel of the maze as you as a reader did not know a thing about it; you were as blind as the male protagonist, Thomas. The book follows Thomas's short life in the Maze. We get introduced to the rest of the Maze, which are all boys, slowly. I fell in love with Chuck, who is Thomas's only friend in the Maze as he seems so cute and like my own little brother.
The Maze is divided into sections and each section has a Keeper(the person who looks over the section.) Thomas quickly finds himself as a  Runner after a heroic act that saves two of his friends from the Grievers (these horrible mechanic monsters) one being the Keeper of the Runner's, Minho. During this whole kerfuffle a girl gets introduced into the Maze as the last person. She, Teresa triggers the Ending, The boys and Teresa then go on an adventure through the Maze to find out what's really going on.

I really recommend this book and I definitely can't wait to watch the movie! I give praise to James Dashner for his amazing writing.


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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Recipe: Mary's Coconut and Cherry Cake Loaf

Who loves bread!? Oh, I am so glad you like it, too because today's post is all about how to make my mum's Coconut and Cherry loaf. For someone who is not as great as a baker like myself this was super easy to make so anyone can bake it! Did I mention it tastes absolutely delicious?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Book Talk #5: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

It has been quite a while since I did a Book Talk (formerly called Bookworm.) I remember my last Book Talk was on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, nearly a year a go!
Anyhoo, I know the world and it's aunt have read this book but I just had to throw my two pennies in.
Me Before You amazingly written by Jojo Moyes completely tugged on my heart strings. Being seventeen and not really aware of quadriplegics or anyone of any severe disability I first thought that I'd despise this book as I thought it'd be a sad sob story of sorts.
However, meeting the character of Will really altered my view on the novel. Seeing his life and feelings through the narration of Louisa really made me love the book. The book introduced me to adult concept for example, the book is heavily based on euthanasia. I distinctively remember studying the subject in year nine history and I was vehemently anti euthanasia unless there was absolutely no chance of a good life at all. It was a completely foreign and new concept to me but I felt extreme sympathy for Will although he had a good quality of life, despite not being able to do anything for himself. I found myself siding with him through a lot of issues and conflicts in the book as well as agreeing and seeing the points to his decisions something of which I never thought I would.

Me Before You has altered my perception of people like Will and has taught me many lessons of how it is like to be disabled and seeing what it is like from their eyes and point of view. 

I wouldn't say the novel is necessarily a romance between Will and Louisa but more of, through my eyes, an exploration of an eye opening concept not heavily seen in society. 

Overall, I recommend 'Me Before You' to everyone! It really opened my eyes to more contemporary, adult issues and I loved it.


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Thursday, 7 August 2014

August TBR

So it's august and not only does it mean summer is ending but its also means that we are going back to school and college. In aid and celebration of the end of summer and start of school, I have that exact theme in my TBR. For those of you who do not know what a TBR is, it is 'to be read.'

1) The Hundred Yeah Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared by Jonas Johnson: I started reading this book towards the end of July and I really like it! It is about an hundred year old man, called Allan who disappears from the old people's home on his hundredth birthday and it tells his story from then on and the stories of the people he meets, as well as Allan's previous stories.

2) Betrayed by PC and Kristin Cast: I read the first book in the House of Night series (Marked) probably back in year 8/9, way back in secondary school. I really fell in love with the first book but then completely forgot about it. However, i was in the charity shop the other day and I saw this so I thought it was time to get into the series!

3) The Maze Runner by James Dashner: I am so excited to read this. I know that on my video I posted of my 'July book haul,' loads of you said that the book was average but I think I will like this because when I read this book I will be constantly thinking of Dylan O'brein!

School Books! So after August 14th (RESULTS DAY! :( :() I will know whether I should definitely continue on with English Literature.

Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I really want to read this! Even if i do fail, i will probably still read this as I really want to watch the movie :)

The Tempest by William Shakespeare: I really do not want to read this, really do not want to. I am so not a fan of Shakespeare and  I really don't think I will enjoy this. However, the book does consists of an English translation of what Shakespeare is actually writing about. 

What are you reading this month?


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

July Book Haul

So i went book shopping!! I haven't done a book haul post in quite a while, i think my last one was last year(!) It's summer right now so I plan to read a lot of books.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner: I cannot wait to read this book! Dylan O'brien is in the movie so I have to read the book. I know these books do get mediocre reviews but I really love the concept.

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell: I am trying to get into this book right now. It's basically about this soul who gets reincarnated into six different beings throughout time. It starts off in the Victorian period, which is my least favourite period to read about therefore I am finding it hard to get into.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han: I have already read this book and I really like it. It is apart of a contemporary trilogy about this girl called Belly who cant decide between her Mum's bestfriend's sons, who she spends every single summer with. 

A Game Of Thrones by Georgia R. R. Martin: I cannot wait to read this!! I am obsessed with the TV show and the books are always better so I need to read this. Also, I am trying to get into fantasy more so this is perfect!

Beautiful Creatures by Kammi Garcia and Margaret Stohl: I had the second and third books so obviously i needed the first to start the series. I do not know much about these books but I do know it was an epic movie which loads, millions, of people have read and loved.

So that's it! Have you bought any books this month?


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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Pallazo Pants- H&M
Vest- Primark
Flats- Steve Madden

On Wednesday the 25th of June I finally joined the rest of my friends in the 17 club! I had a really great day and my friends made it extra special. I really like my outfit that I wore(minus my watch as it was on the missing list.) The pants are apart of H&Ms new season and it was like wearing pajama bottoms all day :) I did however get my grandmother to stitch them up for me as they were too long for me as my legs are very short- boo. 

Stay tuned for a birthday meal outfit post :)


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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Five Places I'd Love To Visit

Not having been to many places, travelling is big on my bucket list! I'd love to buy a round the world ticket and visit every single country and experience all their culture and food.
Of course I have many more places I'd love to visit but here are a few:

1) The Grear Barrier Reef. This seems like such a beautiful, colourful place. Imagine going snorkelling and seeing all the fish and laying on the white sandy beaches. Everything just seems so tranquil and care free. The island itself looks so beautiful as it is isolated from the rest of the world. It just seems like a perfect getaway!

2)Kenya. I would love to visit Kenya purely to go on a safari. I would love to see the animals up close and personal and not through bars of a cage in a zoo. It would be so incredible to see them in vast open fields, where they belong, and all the while see the beautiful landscape. Also, the culture in many of Kenya's tribes such as the Masai tribe really intrigues me. I would love to go see where they live and how they live.

3) Hawaii. For me the picture itself explains why I would love to visit Hawaii. The clear blue skies and the clear blue oceans look perfect along with the sandy white beaches. The fact the Hawaii is a volcano is also stunning as I have always wanted to visit a volcano and climb up one (not too sure if you can do that there though.) The lifestyle in Hawaii also seems completely different to here in London. The pace of life seems much slower than here which gives me the impression of carefree serenity.

4) This one is pretty obvious and its most definitely California. I have never left continental Europe and I'd love LA to be my first excursion off of the continent. LA, to me, seems like an American version of London, apart from the amazing weather, hills and food ofcourse. I guess the culture is quite similar and so is the way of life. I would love to go down to an LA beach and shop around. It just seems amazing and I would love to see what I see on TV through my own eyes.

5)Greece. I am Greek Cypriot therefore I come from Southern Cyprus. Many of my ancestors came from Greece and I would love to see my origins. I would love to see the blue and white houses and experience Greek culture in another country other than Cyprus. I would love to see the beautiful beaches and the lush landscapes. I would also love to have some more Greek food.


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Sunday, 8 June 2014

So...? Freshtival Festival Survival Kit Review

I mentioned in my previous post with So...? that i absolutely loved their So...? Kiss Me body spray. Luckily for me, they sent me one along with So...? Sinful and their new dry shampoos: So...? Lovely and So...? Va Va Volume, within their brand me Freshtival Kit! 
Festivals are coming right around the corner but unfortunately I will not be going to any this year. However, this kit will still come in handy.
We all know that festivals are sweaty and smelly. With this travel sized kit you can 'wash' your hair and body until you find a nice proper shower. I've tried both dry shampooes and i must say that Va Va Volume does indeed create great volume but Lovely just smells lovelier.
The two mini body sprays again smell unique. Whilst So...? Kiss Me is more of a day time sweet floral scent, So...? Sinful is a sultry contrast and is quite heavy and daring- perfect for the night time.

Being targeted at festival goers, I believe this kit is really for anyone this summer. The kit is perfect for travelling and going on holiday as well as going to the gym to hide your sweaty gym hair. :)

Have you grabbed this kit yet? For £4.99 this kit may be your saviour this summer.


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Monday, 12 May 2014

Soap & Glory: Butter Yourself Review

Not ever having tried any Soap and Glory body products before, I was very very excited to try the butter yourself body butter as i heard many good things about it! I also heard many bad things about it, so I thought i should weight the argument out.
It's exam season and you would find myself indoors with my head in a book, so i deserve some pampering. A simple thing like moisturising my skin is considered pampering for me.
Immediately when opening the amazing packaging, like all Soap and Glory products you are greeted with a light pink/ white cream. The texture of Butter Yourself is very smooth and light and i find that a little goes a long way, considering the masses of moisturiser you get in the container. 

One thing, which is the most important, when it comes to body butters for me is the smell. The smell of Butter Yourself reminds me of a male aftershave.. which even my elder brother agreed with; he liked it so much he wanted to have it for himself! This to me, and many other people, is the biggest downfall as it is a good body butter but the smell is quite manly. Although, the musky scent does help me sleep at night so it is not too bad!

Would I buy Butter Yourself again? Along with 50% of people on Makeup Alley, I would have to agree and say no, i will not be buying this again but i will use it all up!
However, I am still intrigued to try out other S&G body products as the formula and amount you get for your money is amazing!

Have you tried Butter Yourself? What was your opinion? Can you recommend any other S&G products for me?


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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Staying Healthy: Snack Preperation

A big key to staying healthy is eating healthy and I find that at college there is way too much bad food temptation. I am talking about: chocolate, crisps, doughnuts and cookies. I found that the most sufficient way for sorting out this problem is to prepare my snacks the night before. Whether it is just putting an apple and a banana in my bag or actually chopping up different fruits, I know that it is way healthier than what comes out of the sweet shop or vending machine.
The key is to find the snacks that you prefer. For example, i prefer snacking on the fruits above(kiwi, strawberries and bananas) then other fruits, like grapes. Even if its a nutritional bar it is still a healthy snack. Remember, it is important to include most of your five a day in your snacks. 
I prefer snack preparation as not only does it mean you are eating healthier but it means you are saving money, time and increasing your brain power.
Preparing your healthy snacks also means you will have more energy throughout the day and preform better. I find that I do much more better in college work when I am healthily fed and hydrated, which is very important especially that exams are literally five minutes down the street.

I now have created a new instagram for fitness and health: @healthy_georgia


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