Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bookworm #4: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

I know, I know you were probably expecting a review on the movie... sorry. Also, I hate to break it to you but the books are always, ALWAYS better.

Out of all three books, Catching Fire is definitely my favourite and that's not just because of the character of Finnick. Trust me, Finnick will steal your heart, both book and probably movie. Also, I love the twist of the book; all of the former winners have to go back and compete. It was interesting to read how the Capitol came up with all the tricks and turns when in the games and I believe Suzanne Collins did an excellent job in imagining everything.

Once again, the outfits worn by Katniss are so amazing and I cant wait to see them in the movie. I also can't wait to see them go into the Capitol on their little adventures. I'm really trying not to give anything away here... just look forward to a whole load of Katniss and Peter and blubbering (not blubbering, just a tiny depression.)

Overall, Catching Fire is an amazing book, which was written very well. It has a lot of surprises and quick turns whilst the team battles the Capitol in both the Games and the City.

Have you read the Hunger Games books? Which one was your favourite?


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  1. I tried reading the first book but didn't finish it - I didn't like it that much and never understood the hype about it. On the contrary, the Twilight books were good!
    Great Post, and I still am going to see the movie - hopefully they've captured Finnick just as well as the book, and you, have described!


  2. I haven't read the books because I thought I wouldn't like them. I'm not a fan of sic-fi but I was surprised I liked the film and story as much as I did.

    I can't wait for Catching Fire and I think I will pick up the books at some stage. This cover illustration is really nice.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


  3. You're right, books are always a lot better then the movies and I'm quite jealous how the UK cover looks WAY better then the ones we have in the states. Can't wait to see the movie though :)
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  4. I've never read the books but saw the first movie.. I'm sure the books are a lot better x

  5. I really want to watch the movie :)
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  6. Nice, thanks for the review!

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  7. Love these books so much! I think Catching fire is maybe my favourite. I was such a Gale fan at the beginning and it made me smile so much when he told Catniss he loved her, so cute! The outfits in the films are just amazing though :)


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