Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spice Up Your Bedroom!

 So, I am moving house soon and that means I am getting a new bedroom. My bedroom now is kind of bleurgh; i'm looking forward to getting a new one. Unfortunately, i still have to share with my sister. Anyhoo, I thought i'd give you some decorating and bedroom decor tips to make your room look more personal. 
 Make your room look much more personal with images. I found this cool design where you put images on the wall in a shape of a heart. I think it looks really cool and adds your personality to the room. If you share like I do you could mix up the images with the person you are sharing with. This is also great for uni rooms. 

If you have a small room, like I will probably be getting, adding mirrors will create the illusion of a bigger room. So basically, your room will look much bigger. You could get mirrored wardrobes which will also look really cool. Yeah these are definitely on my wishlist.

Pillows! Pillows make your bed and anything in general look really comfortable. I love the shape of the diagonal print one, as it will also make your bed appear taller. Plus, they look really cool and unique. Also, i am one for having a plethora of pillows on my bed, I believe that if you have a monotone bed spread, like i do now, adding colourful pillows will really spruce things up.

Storage. I do not have enough storage in my current room. Seriously, i have stuff everywhere! Those wardrobe hanging things are so cool! Look at what you can fit into them. It will save so much space...and time when you're looking for things in the morning. I believe you can purchase these from IKEA, probably.
Also, chest of drawers will help drastically as they store so much stuff! As with your jewelry and scarves and hats and stuff boxes are cool. This is because you don't need these things everyday or season. Okay, i guess you'll need the jewelery. You can put your jewelry box on your chest of drawers. 

Hope this helped.


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