Friday, 28 June 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

Hey Chicks, how are you all doing. On Monday, I finished school forever!!! I will now be in further education(oh lala, I am growing!) A day later it was my 16th birthday. I am legal for somethings like: buying a lawnmower and buying lottery tickets. I had such a lovely day- as you can see from my two cakes. I got a Michael Kors watch, which I will do a seperate blog post on and some perfume.

After my birthday, with the feeling of freedom still in the air, some friends and I went to Ed's Easy Diner for my birthday meal. I have heard  so much about Eds diner and it did not disappoint. I ordered the cheese fries and Big Bubba's Bacon and Cheese burger. (insert iphone heart face) I also got a vanilla milkshake and let me just say the portions are massive; I couldn't even finish of my chips.

Sorry for lack of posts lately- I have been partying it up!! Posts are coming soon though as everything has been busy and are starting to slow down:) Oh and I am so not obsessed with food.