Saturday, 9 March 2013

Current Favourites!

Hello everyone, it feels like it has been a very long time since I have posted. Today's post is going to be a substitute to my February favourites because I can't do a February favourite in the beginning of the middle of March can I? 

I have not been loving many products recently most of them have been skin care and a few eye products. So, here we go...

My first favourite is Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit daily facial wash. I use this every morning, although it says morning and night, before I put my daily cream on. I have not had a spot on my face since I have started using this. Normally, when it's 'that time of the month,' i get mini volcanoes erupting on my chin and cheeks. Since then only a few have sprung up but go down in a couple of days. Also, this smells so amazing (shame it doesn't taste amazing.)

My second favourite is: The Body Shop's Strawberry body wash. Ever since I ran out of my Snow Fairy by Lush, instead of buying more I decided to shop my never ending stash of bath products. The first thing I grabbed was this. I really like it. I love the smell it leaves on the skin and the amount it last for. The strawberry smell lasts for around 3-4 hours -which is quite sad- but is still very pleasing. 

17 Felt Eyeliner: I use this whenever I wear make up and I love it. It's in brown therefore I wont get caught out in school- as I wear it very thin on my top lash line- and matches the colour of my lashes. It is also makes my lashes look very thick and full, which I love.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara: I have already done a post on this which you can read about here. I have rediscovered this in my stash of makeup this month and have been loving it ever since. It really spreads out my lashes and makes them nice, long and full. Especially when it is paired with the 17 eyeliner. 

Leggings: These will forever be a favourite of mine. I mean why would you wear jeans when you can wear very comfortable leggings. Why? Why?

Blue Tortoise iPhone Case: As you all know, I am a bit phone case crazy and this one is the one I have been using this month. I must love animal cases because this is the second time in a row that one has been my favourite. Get the case here for iphone 4/4s and click here for iphone 5 - both very cheap and from ebay.

What have you been loving this month?



  1. I love that phone case! x

  2. that phone case is the cutest thing ever x

  3. Your phone case is absolutely adorable :) x

  4. I love the Soap and Glory Thick ad fast mascara too, been my favourite for a few monthhs now
    Daniella x

    1. i think it might be my favourite for this month too! x

  5. The iphone case is just too cute! You have really good favourites this month~ i used to love using the neutrogena facial wash a few years back, but i totally forgot about it because i've been trying many new face washes since :) The body shop strawberry scent is one of my favourites too~ I think i have a body butter from the range and i love it so muchh!

    I just discovered your blog :) Looks lovely~
    Hope you have a lovely day~ <3

    X x X x

    1. Thank you so much! And yes i have so many body butters :)

  6. Great favourites! Love the iPhone case!

  7. Great picks! I loove the smell of the Body Shop Strawberry products. And that sweater and bracelet are lovely :)


  8. ahh I love anything strawberry scented from the body shop! love it :)

  9. That sweater!! It's so beautiful! I've seen it before, but I don't remember where x

  10. Hello doll!

    I absolutely love Snow Fairy by Lush, when it runs out I don't know what I'm going to switch too!! Gah :-( The S&G make up range is actually surprisingly good too, have you tried (I think it's called) Supercat? The eye liner? Pencil? Wow, if you're a fan of eyeliner then check it out, it's SO good. So black and glides on like a dream. I'm in love with that at the moment!

    Lots of love, Jayde-Paris xxx


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