Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Huge Update and a Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! It is so weird to be typing on blogger again. I have been gone for two months and I apologize for that. The reason was that I needed a break. I was getting tired of having a set schedule as I wanted my blog to be somewhere I go to when I feel like sharing things with people. That's is why I am back, here in the new years! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!
One of my resolutions is to stick to blogger and I hope it will help me discover new things in 2013.
I'll also love to help others discover new things as soon I will be going into college. Oh the joys of growing up. I hope to become more mature in writing and the style of my blog and I am so happy that you can share it with me.

I hope you guys have an amazing year and have loads of memories created in it.
Love always,