Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day surrounded by family and loved ones. 
I am spending my day eating loads and lounging around. When I say I am eating loads, I mean loads. Above you can see what my lunch consisted of- its very Greek lol.

As for presents: I didn't ask for much this year so I mainly got money but I will do a post on what I received (when royal mail finally decide to deliver it.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and are grateful for what you have. Keep in mind that after this, if you are in college, you have a lot of revision to do ahaa.

Love Georgia 💜 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Book Haul #1

If you guys didn't know already:  I am obsessed with books. I just love reading and always have and probably always will. Recently, I discovered booktube(the book part of YT) and it inspired me to write about what I like to read and what I have bought. 
I guess this will be a 'year a go but haven't read' haul as I have purchased these books around 5 months to a year a go.. but it's cool it is still a haul.

I am sorry about the images, I really cant take long distance pictures, with a whole lotta stuff in them.

1) Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher: my friend recommended me this and she described it to be very good. It's about these two brothers that fall in love with the same girl and then one of them gets murdered by her- I think and then the book is spent trying to work it out. Oh and is anyone else in love with the paper?

2)Wonder by RJ Palacio: All I know is that I have heard a lot of good things about the book on blogger and on Goodreads, so in the summer, I snatched this up pretty quick.

3) The Salem Witch Society by K.N Shields: honestly, i bought this book last year before going on holiday. I didn't really think it was a holiday read so I didn't read it. I still don't really know what it is about. I guess it is about a cult of witches and how they run into trouble or something. I think I'll like it though.

What books have you bought recently? If you want me to do any reviews on these books tell me!


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Monday, 25 November 2013

Budding Blogger: How Do You Know What To Blog About?

Q: Ever since I've told the world, okay the people I know, about my blog, I get loads of girls coming up to me and saying: 'I really want to start a blog; I just don't know what to write.' To be honest, I don't really ever have a specific answer for them as blogging is different for every individual. The reasons why you blog should be for yourself and what you post should be completely up to you. However, I can give you some help into finding what you should blog about...

A: You shouldn't follow the crowd and post what everyone else is posting unless it really interests you. If it doesn't interest you it will show in your writing and no one will read it... you probably wont even read it.
When I first started blogging I thought I should do what everyone else did and that was monthly favourites. Ohhh, how I hate monthly favourites. I wrote some anyway and found whilst reading them back that I sounded so bored and dull and that was because I was bored and dull and uninterested in what I was writing. 

So, I guess I can say this to them: write what you want to write. Write what you are generally interested in. If you are not interested in it- don't write about it. Simple. The more you write about what you are interested in the more feedback and communication you will receive from others as you will enjoy doing it. 

Just remember, everything takes time. It does. It will take a good few months of blogging and reading other blogs to find what you are most interested in.


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*question mark image found here


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bookworm #4: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

I know, I know you were probably expecting a review on the movie... sorry. Also, I hate to break it to you but the books are always, ALWAYS better.

Out of all three books, Catching Fire is definitely my favourite and that's not just because of the character of Finnick. Trust me, Finnick will steal your heart, both book and probably movie. Also, I love the twist of the book; all of the former winners have to go back and compete. It was interesting to read how the Capitol came up with all the tricks and turns when in the games and I believe Suzanne Collins did an excellent job in imagining everything.

Once again, the outfits worn by Katniss are so amazing and I cant wait to see them in the movie. I also can't wait to see them go into the Capitol on their little adventures. I'm really trying not to give anything away here... just look forward to a whole load of Katniss and Peter and blubbering (not blubbering, just a tiny depression.)

Overall, Catching Fire is an amazing book, which was written very well. It has a lot of surprises and quick turns whilst the team battles the Capitol in both the Games and the City.

Have you read the Hunger Games books? Which one was your favourite?


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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spice Up Your Bedroom!

 So, I am moving house soon and that means I am getting a new bedroom. My bedroom now is kind of bleurgh; i'm looking forward to getting a new one. Unfortunately, i still have to share with my sister. Anyhoo, I thought i'd give you some decorating and bedroom decor tips to make your room look more personal. 
 Make your room look much more personal with images. I found this cool design where you put images on the wall in a shape of a heart. I think it looks really cool and adds your personality to the room. If you share like I do you could mix up the images with the person you are sharing with. This is also great for uni rooms. 

If you have a small room, like I will probably be getting, adding mirrors will create the illusion of a bigger room. So basically, your room will look much bigger. You could get mirrored wardrobes which will also look really cool. Yeah these are definitely on my wishlist.

Pillows! Pillows make your bed and anything in general look really comfortable. I love the shape of the diagonal print one, as it will also make your bed appear taller. Plus, they look really cool and unique. Also, i am one for having a plethora of pillows on my bed, I believe that if you have a monotone bed spread, like i do now, adding colourful pillows will really spruce things up.

Storage. I do not have enough storage in my current room. Seriously, i have stuff everywhere! Those wardrobe hanging things are so cool! Look at what you can fit into them. It will save so much space...and time when you're looking for things in the morning. I believe you can purchase these from IKEA, probably.
Also, chest of drawers will help drastically as they store so much stuff! As with your jewelry and scarves and hats and stuff boxes are cool. This is because you don't need these things everyday or season. Okay, i guess you'll need the jewelery. You can put your jewelry box on your chest of drawers. 

Hope this helped.


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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Results Day and Life Update!

To be honest, I was sceptical to do one of these posts as a lot of people get annoyed with them. However, I worked hard for these results so I kinda of deserve to tell people ;). Also, I have been wanting do a 'life update' post for quite a bit. I actually wrote one but deleted it; i was stressing out to much in it. 

Leading up to results day for my GCSEs I was really quite nervous. I honestly though I got a C in physics, which meant I wouldn't be able to get into the college I wanted. Nevertheless, results day came around and if you follow me on Twitter/ Instagram you would probably know what I got in my exams.
I got: 5A*s, 4As and 1B. I know a B is nothing to be disappointed about but it just kind of kills the streak LOL. However, I am ecstatic with my overall results; it just proved to me that hard work pays off! I honestly did not even expect to get As in some subjects, so for nearly a clean sweep of As and A*s, I'm very proud of myself!  

I will be now going to college (which starts nesx friday) to study: English Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. I'm nervous as it will be so new for me. Although,  I am quite excited to start studying those subjects...apart from Biology (gahh i hate plants!!)

If you've recieved results, whether they were A-levels or GCSEs, were you happy with them?


Friday, 28 June 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

Hey Chicks, how are you all doing. On Monday, I finished school forever!!! I will now be in further education(oh lala, I am growing!) A day later it was my 16th birthday. I am legal for somethings like: buying a lawnmower and buying lottery tickets. I had such a lovely day- as you can see from my two cakes. I got a Michael Kors watch, which I will do a seperate blog post on and some perfume.

After my birthday, with the feeling of freedom still in the air, some friends and I went to Ed's Easy Diner for my birthday meal. I have heard  so much about Eds diner and it did not disappoint. I ordered the cheese fries and Big Bubba's Bacon and Cheese burger. (insert iphone heart face) I also got a vanilla milkshake and let me just say the portions are massive; I couldn't even finish of my chips.

Sorry for lack of posts lately- I have been partying it up!! Posts are coming soon though as everything has been busy and are starting to slow down:) Oh and I am so not obsessed with food. 


Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hello everyone. Have exams coming up? I do- 12 amazing exams! I honestly can't wait to get them over with.  As you all know along with exams comes exam revision stress and for me and I guess everyone else I want to make my revision as effective as possible. I have some tips- which really help me- to share with you all:

  • Colour Coding: This helps seperate certain types of information. For example, for English I have a different colour for meanings, structure and language devices. 
  • Mind Maps: I absolutely love mind maps. A couple of days before the exam I will jot down everything I know and it really helps the information stick to my brain.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My One Year Blogiversary!!

Hello everyone. Guess what today is? That's right, its my blogs first anniversary. I can't believe this blog is one years old!! It was a year a go today I saw down to right about my 'fabulous playsuit,' and 'naked palette dupe.' You can have a look at them if you want ;) 

I never thought that anyone would read my blog let alone nearly two hundred of you! I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone of you who have taken the time to read my blog, comment and follow as it really does brighten my day to find that someone actually cares about what I write about. I love how in this past year I have learnt so  much- fashion and beauty wise and grammar wise. Hopefully that shows; if you see my first few posts -well what is left of them- you will see what I am talking about.

I hope I continue to love this blog in the future and the amount of people sharing this blog with me will love it also as you inspire me to write more.

Thank you so much!


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Lush Bath Ballistic: Secret Garden!

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be about a bath bomb which I have been loving. It is from Lush and is called: 'Secret Garden.' I featured it in a haul post which you can see here. I used this bath bomb a couple of days a go and it has become one of my favourites! 
Firstly, the bomb is massive! I also loved how it fizzed in the bath, as you can see from the picture above; it look so beautiful. Green and pink are my favourite colours so obviously this was a big hit. Oh and I forgot to take a picture of the whole bath- bad blogger! But, I would say that in the middle of the bomb there are loads of flower petals which sit on top of your bath- which is green- not pink. I didnt quite like them because when I got out they were stuck to my body. However, the bath bomb is splendid over all, including the smell. 

Which is your favourite bath bomb from lush?


Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Everyday Makeup for School.

Hello blogger beauties! I have not written a beauty post in quite a while so I thought I should dedicate today's post to something beauty related. As you have probably guessed, from the title, it is going to be on my everyday makeup. 
Now, I am still in school- leaving in two months! I don't really know if I am sad or happy to leave. There is however, one or two things I am happy about. 1) my last exam is a day before my birthday- i can spend my birthday care free without any stress from the 11 exams i will be sitting (damn you triple science.) 2)I can finally wear as much makeup as I want and ditch school uniform forever!
So yeah, my school are very strict when it comes to makeup and the length of our skirts. They allow us to wear no makeup. Not even some lipstick! However, being year 11 they are less lenient. 

The makeup I do use is a followed:
-Rimmel Clear Complexion Cover Stick- as it is perfect for hiding my under eye circles. Also, the formula is less heavy than a concealer. I find that with a concealer you need foundation and I hate wearing foundation so this little thing is perfect! 

-17 felt tip liner pen- This goes on my top lash line to make my lashes appear fuller and thicker.

-Maybelline Cat Eyes or S&G Thick and Fast- I swap between the two, depending on how I want my lashes to look. I can't decide which I love more because they are both amazing- you can check the cat eyes review here and the S&G review here

- Natural Collection's Peach Melba Blush- one of my favourite blushes. One of my first ever blog posts were on this- being very embarrassing I deleted it a couple of months a go. Guess I'll review it again?

-Lip Products: Maybelline's Crystal Pink or Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake- I love these lip colours! Crystal Pink gives my lips a nice tint whilst Strawberry Shortcake will give my lips a nice light pink finish.

So that is what I use! All of these products are very cheap and can be found in boots and superdrugs. Like I said before, my makeup for school is very minimal and maybe I'll do a weekend face, too! Tell me if you'd like to see it!

What makeup items do you wear on a daily bases?


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bookworm #3: The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate & Where To Find Me!

Hello blogger beauties. Today is another post in my bookworm series. It is the third post and is on one of my favourite book series and that is 'Fallen,' by Lauren Kate.

The first book in the series is appropriately titled Fallen, then there is Torment, thirdly we have Passion and finally we have Rapture.

I read the first book when I was on holiday and was pulled into it very quickly. Unfortunately I bought Rapture along with it, therefore I couldn't read the second and third one as I did not buy them. Hence, after holiday I quickly became disinterested in the  series that is until a few weeks a go I discovered the books in my school library.

As soon as I started reading 'Torment,' it became my favourite of the two and towards the middle I was adamant that it will be my favourite of the four. I was correct- it is still my favourite.

The series follows Luce- an immortal mortal(it's hard to explain) and Daniel and his friends Cam, Arriane, Roland, Molly and Gabbe. These guys are angels. Angels and Demons. The series follows Daniel's and Luce's love story as Daniel helps Luce discover who she really is. Along the way many obstacles stand in their way such as: battles, the Throne and the disruption of the whole past, which will effect the present. 

I recommend these books to anyone who enjoys reading  sci-fi, romance and 'out of this world but in this world' books as Lauren Kate writes in an amazing rhythm which will capture you in an instant.

Have you read these? If so what did you think? If you haven't can you leave me any suggestions on other books?


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Current Favourites!

Hello everyone, it feels like it has been a very long time since I have posted. Today's post is going to be a substitute to my February favourites because I can't do a February favourite in the beginning of the middle of March can I? 

I have not been loving many products recently most of them have been skin care and a few eye products. So, here we go...

My first favourite is Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit daily facial wash. I use this every morning, although it says morning and night, before I put my daily cream on. I have not had a spot on my face since I have started using this. Normally, when it's 'that time of the month,' i get mini volcanoes erupting on my chin and cheeks. Since then only a few have sprung up but go down in a couple of days. Also, this smells so amazing (shame it doesn't taste amazing.)

My second favourite is: The Body Shop's Strawberry body wash. Ever since I ran out of my Snow Fairy by Lush, instead of buying more I decided to shop my never ending stash of bath products. The first thing I grabbed was this. I really like it. I love the smell it leaves on the skin and the amount it last for. The strawberry smell lasts for around 3-4 hours -which is quite sad- but is still very pleasing. 

17 Felt Eyeliner: I use this whenever I wear make up and I love it. It's in brown therefore I wont get caught out in school- as I wear it very thin on my top lash line- and matches the colour of my lashes. It is also makes my lashes look very thick and full, which I love.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara: I have already done a post on this which you can read about here. I have rediscovered this in my stash of makeup this month and have been loving it ever since. It really spreads out my lashes and makes them nice, long and full. Especially when it is paired with the 17 eyeliner. 

Leggings: These will forever be a favourite of mine. I mean why would you wear jeans when you can wear very comfortable leggings. Why? Why?

Blue Tortoise iPhone Case: As you all know, I am a bit phone case crazy and this one is the one I have been using this month. I must love animal cases because this is the second time in a row that one has been my favourite. Get the case here for iphone 4/4s and click here for iphone 5 - both very cheap and from ebay.

What have you been loving this month?


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bookworm #2: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Hello everyone. This post is going to be my second ever book post. To be honest, it feels like my first since I have not written one in quite a while. I have stolen the name bookworm from one of my favourite blogs and book reviewer ***Lizzie over at Blue October*** Honestly check her out; she has given me so many books to read.

This book review is on the ever so popular and ever so hyped: John Green's Looking For Alaska.  At first I was so excited to read this. However, the book did not really 'pull me in,' therefore I neglected it for quite a while. I was determined to finish it though, and found that it did get interesting in the middle and towards the end. I think anyone who has read this book will agree with me on this; the most exciting part is when they are in the Barn. 

It was a lovely read, though. It did teach me quite a few things as well and that is: 

  1. everyone has a past and everyone's past is different.
  2. you shouldn't let your friends leave whilst they are drunk and angry.
  3. life is like a labyrinth and everyone's labyrinth has different obstacles and a different maze all together.
I would recommend reading this though. I am really looking forward to reading 'Paper Towns' which I bought from the Kindle Store on my Nexus and 'The Fault in Our Stars,' which loads of my friends have read and they say it is amazing!

Have you read Looking For Alaska? What did you think? Or if you haven't, which book are you reading now?


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Huge Update and a Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! It is so weird to be typing on blogger again. I have been gone for two months and I apologize for that. The reason was that I needed a break. I was getting tired of having a set schedule as I wanted my blog to be somewhere I go to when I feel like sharing things with people. That's is why I am back, here in the new years! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!!
One of my resolutions is to stick to blogger and I hope it will help me discover new things in 2013.
I'll also love to help others discover new things as soon I will be going into college. Oh the joys of growing up. I hope to become more mature in writing and the style of my blog and I am so happy that you can share it with me.

I hope you guys have an amazing year and have loads of memories created in it.
Love always,