Thursday, 28 July 2016


Hi guys, welcome to my first ever hotel review! I've never done one of these before but I felt as though I had to review this hotel. Most of the hotel was great but then again, most parts of the hotel were really bad. The hotel in question is: the Bodrum Beach Resort based in Bodrum, Turkey

Location: The hotel is in a prime location, with walking distance from the strip in Gumbet and walking distance from the Bodrum beach front, which possesses a bunch of beach space, restaurants and bars. In relation to Bodrum town, you have to take a cab as the town is based after a steep hill but cab fares are fairly cheap.

Facilities: The hotel has two pools. One pool is a stand alone, which is not very deep and the other consists of five waterslides. 
There is also a gym and a relax lounge and pool. However, you have to access that from a different part of the hotel (quite confusing.) 
In terms of WiFi; their WiFi was awful. Firstly, it was not free. Secondly, once you did pay a ridiculous price for it, the connection was so bad that it didn't even reach one of our rooms and only barely worked by the pool. Whatsapp calls with my mum only lasted about a few seconds before the connection went.

Monday, 25 July 2016


Hello everyone! Today I'm coming at you with a post which was kindly written by Warehouse Storage Solutions. I write a lot on this blog about tips and tricks to improve your blog, which is effectively a business. I get a lot of emails, you wouldn't believe how many, from people asking me for actual business tips- which I don't have a clue about. However, Warehouse Storage Solutions does so let's leave it to them to explain their 'Tricks for a Successful Business.'

Some businesses always seem to thrive whilst others seem to always be on the verge of falling

apart. When growing your business into something that is more sustainable and successful in the

longer term, keep your eye focused on the customer at all times. All your decisions should be

addressing their needs.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


I am so excited for this unboxing, you have no idea. If you know me at all, you would know I have a slight obsession with stationary and books. My latest obsession branching off of stationary is Bullet Journalling and journaling in general. I've been following Busy Bee Stationery on Instagram for so long now and their feed really makes me drool with want so when I got the chance to review their 'Spark Your Creativity' July themed box, I jumped at it with both arms and feet.

Busy Bee is a monthly subscription stationary box, one that I believe is totally unique. Shipped straight from the US, the products are totally unique and I don't think you can access these brand here in the UK. 
The subscription service is $39.90 per month, which is around £30.
Now enough about that, lets get into what the box contains. The three main brands of this box are: 'Heidi Swapp,' 'Pink Paislee' and 'Amy Tangerine.' I've heard so much about these brands on Youtube and I never thought they'd be in the subscription box!

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