Sunday, 31 December 2017


Hello everyone, HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope you had an amazing and safe New Years Eve. Today I am going to be sharing with you another bullet journal post (I have a plethora of them already, if you are a bullet journal lover.) If you are keen to getting into bullet journalling and have no idea where to start definitely check out this post for some tips and tricks!
Last year i found that I used my bullet journal very sporadically towards the end and that is because my bullet journal was not adapted to me and my lifestyle anymore. Being keen on falling in love with my bullet journal again I decided to buy some new pens and adapt my bullet journal spreads to get me very organised once again.
So I present to you my Bullet Journal Set Up for 2018:

Saturday, 30 December 2017


Christmas has come and gone and we've all suddenly found ourselves trapped in that void between Christmas and new years, not really knowing what time or even date it is. Instead we're forced to eat a mountain of leftovers and contemplate what we've achieved (or in my case, haven't achieved) this year and
what we would love to achieve next year.
Now I know most people hate setting themselves goals and making new year resolutions but personally, I love thinking that the new year is like a new slate and its a perfect excuse to make some things in your life better!
It wasn't long a go I was writing my 2017 goals and it's only right to see if I actually completed any, right?
You can check them out here but I've also listed them:

1) Go to another country I have never been to. - YAY! first one completed. I went to Italy this year and loved it so much! 

2) Achieve a good grade for first year- again! I got a first, which I am extremely happy about.

3) Meet new people- I am clearly on a roll! Being at university, you meet new people left right and centre. 

4) Read 20 books- okay i definitely failed this one. 

5) Be more sociable- yes!

6) Expand my blog- my blog definitely took a hit the year. I changed it up a lot but then seriously neglected it. I just find it very difficult to juggle blogging and uni and working all at once. 

So without further a do, grab yourself a cup of tea and some leftover turkey and pigs in blanket (lol, as if anyone would leave those) and get ready to here my new set of goals for the year 2018!